Woman and child reading


The Shepherd Family photo

November is recognized as National Adoption Month. For one northern Kentucky family, this year is a cause for celebration. The Shepherd family is one step closer to finalizing adoption of the young girl they have been fostering the past five years.

Photo of foster or adoptive family

November is a perfect time of year to offer thanksgivings for the parents who made lifelong commitments to the 7 million people in America who have been adopted. Nearly 60% came from the foster care system where abuse and neglect likely scarred their childhood. Each year about 135,000 children celebrate being adopted!

Paintings from students

Students of Mount Notre Dame created beautiful paintings for the children and families in our foster care program. We love the inspirational quotes and colorful artwork!

There are many different ways to support and bring positivity to our foster families and children in foster care. Learn more about becoming a foster parent with DCCH.

Note from a child

The DCCH Foster Care Team works tirelessly to recruit loving families for children in need of a secure home.

They LOVE hearing back from our families, and this letter from a recently placed foster child totally made their day!