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Matt Mosely

Nineteen year old Matt Mosley is donating his car to a youth in foster care.

Matt came into foster care at age 13. His newly approved DCCH foster parents accepted Matt as their first foster placement. He and his brother were older than what the Mosley's thought they could foster. However, it did not take long for Michelle and Mike to realize they were going to pursue adoption. Matt and his brother gained a forever family in November of 2017.

Since then, the family has fostered and adopted more children, making Matt a really cool and respected big brother. Last week, Matt called DCCH and offered to donate his Impala, as he was getting an upgrade himself. As God’s providence would have it, DCCH is working with another 18 year old in the Independent Living Program. She is learning how to care for herself, and needs her first car to get back and forth to work.

Thank you Matt, and bless you for your gift!

Cory Klosinski with his kids

A natural extension of their mission to care for Kentucky’s most vulnerable children, DCCH’s Adoption Program was licensed in 2001 and brought to fruition in 2003 when Cory Klosinski achieved his dream of stability with a family when his adoption was finalized on May 28, 2003.

Child delivers pizzas

Josiah and his family donated 198 individual pizzas for all the children and Staff at DCCH to enjoy. Josiah has a special place in his heart for other kids living without a family. He remembers that feeling. He has since been adopted, and his mom and dad say they are blessed to become a forever family through DCCH’s Foster Care & Adoption Program.

Josiah and his new family pray for all children to find a good home and family to love and care for them.

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Draylin and Brendan and Forever Family

Happy adoption day Draylin and Brendan! What a journey it has been. The DCCH Foster Care Team is so happy for this adoption and wish Salina and her children the best as they take on this next chapter in life together.

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