Woman and child reading


The Taylor Family

Boone County couple Maggie and Ian Taylor, adopted their daughter from DCCH’s Foster Care and Adoption Program in 2015. The Taylors were interested in adopting from foster care to help a child find a family and experience unconditional love.

The Persinger Family

Harrison County couple Melinda and Chad Persinger have adopted four children through DCCH’s Foster Care and Adoption Program. They adopted two sisters in March 2018 – an extra special adoption for DCCH as it was DCCH’s 99th and 100th adoption!

The Fury's change lives

Bracken County couple Peggy and Mike Fury, adopted their daughter from DCCH’s Foster Care and Adoption Program in 2013 when she was 11 years old. When asked why they became adoptive parents, Mike and Peggy stated, “We married late in life but wanted to have a child to love. We’re a long way from perfect, but we knew we could offer a child a safe environment and that might be enough to save a life.”

Mosely Family

CONGRATULATIONS to the Mosley family on their adoption of four siblings!

This family may look familiar because this is their third adoption with DCCH! In 2015, Mike and Michelle said yes to fostering two teenage boys, and in 2017, they were adopted. Both young men are currently in college and working.

In 2019, they adopted the next child they fostered. At the end of 2018, Mike and Michelle decided that they had more room in their home and their hearts. They fostered a sibling group of four, to ensure they wouldn't be separated. It’s been a long road to get to today, and we are happy to celebrate with them!

Congratulations to the Mosley family!