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Ron Bertsch


Written by Ron Bertsch, Director of Foster Care and Adoption

As Father’s Day 2021 nears, we can reflect on what St. Joseph offers men as way of a model. Where to begin, first let me share my passion.

Joseph being the foster father of Jesus, took the role of nurturing, protecting, and caring for Jesus seriously. Stepping up for a child not his own but treating him as such. Pope Francis says, “fathers are not born but made. A man does not become a father simply by bringing a child into the world, but by taking up the responsibility to care for that child.” I challenge all fathers to make a commitment to be the best you can be. With St. Joseph’s intercession, I pray for more men to step up to become foster and adoptive fathers for abused and neglected orphans in our community.

The Johnson Family: Then and Now


A poem by Barry Johnson (Foster/Adoptive Parent)

When I saw her eyes I fell in love
Makes you believe in a God above
Cause her eyes held all her pain
Shrouded with guilt and all of her shame

But her smile held all her hope
That somehow allowed her to cope
With years spent in that waiting place
And brought laughter to her beautiful face

Custom-made cakes for children

Lakeside Presbyterian Church has found a way to make birthdays for DCCH youth in foster homes a little more sweet.

Each month for the past year, a dedicated group of women and men have created customized cakes for a child’s birthday. They also provide party supplies and an individualized gift. The cakes have brought much joy and gave cause for many smiles!

Thank you, Lakeside Presbyterian, for making a positive difference in the lives of children and foster families!

St.Joseph and Jesus

Please join us in prayer of the St. Joseph Novena – To those on the path of adoption invoking the intercession of St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, we pray that the Lord will bless all who travel upon the path of adoption but especially for the Children at DCCH waiting for a family.