The Johnson Family: Then and Now


A poem by Barry Johnson (Foster/Adoptive Parent)

When I saw her eyes I fell in love
Makes you believe in a God above
Cause her eyes held all her pain
Shrouded with guilt and all of her shame

But her smile held all her hope
That somehow allowed her to cope
With years spent in that waiting place
And brought laughter to her beautiful face

Eleven years old and full of life
Eight years removed from all that strife
She had known the worse despair
And a childhood so cruel and so unfair

Now all she wanted was to be a daughter again
A normal life and normal friends
A mom and dad to call her own
Living inside a family home

Where the love was ample and free
Free to be all she can be
Where the simple fact that she was adored
Allowed her to knock down all those doors

And now have passed so many years
And she can now count the cost of her tears
A young woman stands proud and claims her name
Never again to hide in shame

And all of the work I ever did
Coalescences in her, something sacred
And the debt she incurred that she cannot repay
Yet she pays a bit day to day

Cause she is a mother now
As she pours out all the love her heart will allow
I am so proud of all she has achieved
So much more than they ever believed

From such a low and humble start
To an owner of a precious heart
She is a reason I fought so hard
Cause I was not ready to up and depart

And now as I sail into my sunset days
And as I reflect on my distant ways
There is one perfect thing of which I am so proud
That I said yes to this abandoned child.

On a warm day in the spring of 2008 I met my soon to be daughter for the very first time. I still remember the sparkle in her whole being. She was so excited, literally jumping out of her skin. And what else could I do except fall in love with this beautiful child. I have made many decisions in my life, some good, some not so much. However I have only made one perfect decision.

There are thousands of kids just like her waiting for a loving home. If it is in your heart to make that perfect decision please reach out. If not, please spread the word.