The Fury's change lives

Bracken County couple Peggy and Mike Fury, adopted their daughter from DCCH’s Foster Care and Adoption Program in 2013 when she was 11 years old. When asked why they became adoptive parents, Mike and Peggy stated, “We married late in life but wanted to have a child to love. We’re a long way from perfect, but we knew we could offer a child a safe environment and that might be enough to save a life.”

Mike and Peggy feel the best part of adoption has been “connecting our child to a supportive extended family – the love in our family multiplied. Everyone loves her and she loves them too. We get to do a lot of things we would otherwise not have been exposed to - cross-country meets, chaperones at church camp, school events.”

When asked how life has changed since adopting from foster care, Peggy laughed and said, “it has gotten more chaotic, but fun! We’ve been to basketball games and cross-country meets. We think it’s made us younger. And we have met a lot of quality people along the way; the folks at DCCH, her CASA volunteer, her pediatrician, her attorney. We have made some friendships that continue today, years after the adoption.”

Mike and Peggy would tell someone who is considering fostering or adopting from foster care, “First, go through DCCH, because the folks there are so very supportive. We would tell them that #changelives is so much more than a slogan – you really are changing a life, and very possibly saving one. Finally, we would say to approach it not from the perspective of ‘what might happen to us if we adopt,’ but rather from the perspective of ‘what might happen to this child if we don’t?’”