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November is National Adoption Month! DCCH offers foster-to-adopt services and 24/7 support for our families.

There are thousands of children in foster care who want nothing more than a forever home. Many are older and have been in care for years. Consider opening your heart and home to a tween or teen...the impact you'll have is beyond words.

Call 859-331-2040 x8641 for more info.

Video: Ad Council PSA About Adopting.

Happy little girl on her adoption day Happy little girl on her adoption day Happy little girl on her adoption day

DCCH is celebrating Phoenix, who was officially declared the daughter of Valerie and David today after 860 days in foster care. Honorable Judge Thomas Rauf, from Kenton County, presided over the adoption. Phoenix was thrilled to bang the judge’s gavel at the end of the hearing, in front of her friends and family.

DCCH Center for Children and Families is looking for willing families like Valerie and David to open the doors of their hearts and homes to the more than 8,000 children in the Kentucky foster care system.

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May was National Foster Care Awareness Month, and it is foster parents who take on the ministry of caring for children in the foster care system. Gary and Trish Galbraith are foster parents who work through the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home (DCCH)’s foster program, having fostered nearly 20 children since completing their training in 2015. Approved on the 28th of May that year, the Galbraiths have been fostering children in need for the past eight years.

The Nathe Family

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, and the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home (DCCH), Ft. Mitchell, will be honoring local foster parents with a special dinner and recognition ceremony on May 22 at The Gardens of Park Hills. Two local foster parents, Tobias and Rachel Nathe, will be in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Nathe are parishioners at St. Anthony Parish in Taylor Mill and are currently serving as foster parents.