We offer residential treatment for emotionally and behaviorally challenged children in small group living arrangements. We provide care for boys and girls, ages six through fourteen who have been removed from their homes by the Commonwealth of Kentucky due to extreme physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Our behavior management programs have an emphasis on daily living skills and relationship-building.

Residential Living

Our Therapeutic Behavior Specialists and social workers maintain an active involvement in the life of each child in a small group living environment. Each child has a separate room and is supervised 24/7. Emphasis is placed on assisting children to develop positive, appropriate interpersonal relationships with adults and other children.

Academic Program

Guardian Angel School is located on the grounds of DCCH Center. It is staffed by Beechwood Independent School District teachers who are Kentucky certified. We offer small, self-contained classrooms with a low student-teacher ratio. We support the individual requirements to provide a smooth transition back into a less restrictive school. Guardian Angel provides six hours of daily instruction with an emphasis on individualized support in math and reading.


Master level therapists provide a combination of weekly individual, family, and group therapy sessions designed to meet the treatment needs of each child. Interventions are guided by the principles of Trauma Informed Care and rooted in evidence-based practices. Our professional staff and consultants offer a range of psychiatric, psychological, and family services. In-person and telehealth therapy sessions are available to families with children in our care.

Psychiatric/Psychological Services

Our psychiatrist will meet with each child monthly to assess possible benefits of medication to improve behavior or whether a behavioral intervention is more appropriate. Psychologists work in tandem with each child's treatment team to provide the best possible treatment plan.

Therapeutic Recreation

Recreation is a vital facet of the Residential Treatment Program at DCCH. During recreational activities children have fun, treat problematic behavior, and/or enhance an existing skill or competency in an appropriate, safe and healthy manner. Recreational activities also help children develop athletic skills, which increase endurance, coordination and teamwork. All recreational activities are selected to enhance physical, social, and emotional well-being, increase self-esteem and promote healing.

Children are given the opportunity to participate in a wide array of special programs throughout each week, such as fitness clubs, sports, and even a theater group that trains kids in the finer arts of “clowning” and performing!

Referral Process

Please call 859-331-2040 for information regarding the referral process.