The Truth About Foster Care

Top five misconceptions about foster care:

  • Foster kids are in care because they're "bad'.
  • Foster parents need to be wealthy.
  • Foster kids will become abusive adults.
  • Foster parents have to be younger than 50.
  • Foster kids are damaged beyond help.
  • Thank You

    Thanks to the Marge & Charles J Schott Foundation for their generous $10,000 grant to DCCH! This grant will help cover costs associated with our Residential Treatment Program.

    We're so grateful for their support!

    100 Lives Changed

    Thanks to WLWT Channel 5 news for coming out! (Video link) Please share this great story with your friends, family, and neighbors. We actually finalized our 103rd adoption yesterday afternoon! What a blessing to have so many children find their forever families with the help and support of DCCH.

    Therapy Center at DCCH

    Did you know...

    • 1 in 5 (20%) of American adults experience a mental health issue in their lifetime?
    • 1 in 10 (10%) of young people experience a period of major depression?

    There is help out there. Trained therapist are ready to assist you through these issues. Contact The Therapy Center at DCCH and we will see you within a week!