Teenage girl wearing glasses

We’d like to introduce you to Maddie. Her story demonstrates how important your support is to allow us to provide the care and intensive therapy to survivors of child abuse and neglect. Your support works. Your support is changing lives. Maddie thanks you for your support! All names in the following story have been changed to protect their identities.

Little Miss Maddie has been a challenge to say the least. She is an 11-year-old girl who functions much lower in both her cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence. On a “good day” Maddie presents as around 6/7 years of age. During those times, she is sweet, genuinely caring, silly, and has a beautiful singing voice.

Paintings from students

Students of Mount Notre Dame created beautiful paintings for the children and families in our foster care program. We love the inspirational quotes and colorful artwork!

There are many different ways to support and bring positivity to our foster families and children in foster care. Learn more about becoming a foster parent with DCCH.

Note from a child

The DCCH Foster Care Team works tirelessly to recruit loving families for children in need of a secure home.

They LOVE hearing back from our families, and this letter from a recently placed foster child totally made their day!

Child donates gifts to kids in need.

Sophie G., a 13 year old Girl Scout and young advocate for DCCH, collected toys for the children in our Residential Treatment Program. Sophie and her family have volunteered at DCCH in many ways over the years. She recently dropped off the gifts she collected.

Thank you, Sophie!!

Below is the letter Sophie wrote to Santa.

Dear Santa,

This year I don’t want any presents. I want to donate all the stuff I could have asked for to kids in homeless shelters and hospitals.