Special Thanks to Pete Stark with Bridges

Special thanks to Pete Stark from BRIDGES (BRain Injuries Demand Guidance Education and Support) for supplying almost 50 helmets to our foster families and children in our residential units at the Harvest Party on Tuesday evening.

Way to #changealife and keep our kids safe! Thanks again!


Former DCCH resident Deandre Alexander paid us a visit yesterday! Now 28, Deandre was in our Residential Treatment Program from 1998-2001. He was very complimentary of the care he received at DCCH and was amazed at how "small" his old surroundings seemed.

Deandre currently lives in Louisville with his three children and works as an accountant. We're thrilled to see he is doing well and wish him the best of luck!

By Vicki Prichard

NKyTribune Reporter

During her time working with the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home (DCCH) Center for Children and Families, Kathleen “Mimi” Borne watched foster children come into care with little or no belongings, and rarely with books of their own.

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