Lou Lou's Cafe feeds kids

This past Saturday a couple of staff members organized a brunch for the kids and staff. Lou Lou’s Café at Spare Time in Alexandria gave a significant discount and served the children and staff hash browns, goetta, parfaits, and HUGE cinnamon rolls. The employees were amazing and had everything separated and organized by apartment making it so easy to distribute. Thank you, Lou Lou's!

Friends, please visit Lou Lou's Cafe website to find out how you can support this local business helping #givehope to the children living at DCCH. Thank you.

Connecting during a crisis

DCCH is blessed to have amazing friends who volunteer their time to serve as Mentors to our Residents. They are a source comfort, wisdom, and reliability for the children in our Residential Program. To protect them and our Staff, visitors (including Mentors) are not permitted on our campus.

Mentors are making phone calls, in cooperation with DCCH Staff, to Residents as a way to maintain relationships and help children cope with the current crisis.

Thank you, Mentors and Volunteers!

We are getting through this

A special message from our Executive Director, Bob Wilson.

Remembering Mr. Miller

In every phase of his DCCH life, Mr. Miller was, by all accounts, the most humble, compassionate, and gentle soul one could encounter. He had a positive effect on so many people.

We’d like to share his story.