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VOLUNTEERS are needed for our on-campus Equine Program, which focuses on helping our kids learn safety, how to identify and cope with feelings, build effective communication skills, set boundaries, overcome fears, and trust. It takes dedicated volunteers to make this program happen!

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"My case worker, Nikki Hutchenson, Director of Foster Care Ron Bertsch, and the children’s therapist, Emily Burch took care of me and my foster children with the most respect and professionalism anyone could ask for. The agency developed a great plan to help transition the children into their new home. The time and concern for these kids was so magnificent. How anyone can foster children without having this private agency for support, I don’t have a clue. This emotional experience was just handled with so much love and support for these kids. We are blessed to be a part of DCCH!"

DCCH strives every day to provide quality, compassionate care to children and families who have been impacted by trauma and bring them together for a bright, healthy, and happy future.