Child donates gifts to kids in need.

Sophie G., a 13 year old Girl Scout and young advocate for DCCH, collected toys for the children in our Residential Treatment Program. Sophie and her family have volunteered at DCCH in many ways over the years. She recently dropped off the gifts she collected.

Thank you, Sophie!!

Below is the letter Sophie wrote to Santa.

Dear Santa,

This year I don’t want any presents. I want to donate all the stuff I could have asked for to kids in homeless shelters and hospitals.

I realized that I already have everything I need and want. I don’t want or need anything else. I mean, yeah, I could ask for stuff I wanted but I don’t need it. I want other kids to be able to enjoy Christmas, and it’s kind of a trade-off. They get a present and are happy because for some of them, it is rare and they get to smile. It doesn’t even have to be a present. It could be a comfy blanket or pillow.

I already get to see family and friends on Christmas, and that is all I could ask for. Some/most of these kids don’t get to do that. Anyway, that’s all I want this year for Christmas: to brighten other peoples’ day and help those in need or those who are sick. I just want to see a smile on their cute, little faces.

Sincerely, Sophie