This year we will be featuring electronic bidding for auction items. All bidding will be done through your cell phone, mobile device, or computer. You can bid from your own device anywhere, anytime, before the close of the auction. You even get an update ifyou are outbid. If you do not have access to a smartphone, DO NOT WORRY! You can still bid on any item or make a donation via text messaging or through a Gesture Pro member at the Swing Into Spring event.



Before the event: Beginning on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 and up to the night of the event, you can register your cell phone via a text prompt or computer at Click the Register Now button. You will be asked to enter your name, cell phone number and email address. After a few moments, you will receive a text message from Gesture. Confirm your participation in the Gesture Mobile Bidding system by replying "Y" to the text. Then you will receive a welcome text message including a blue hyperlink to the auction site.

At the event: If you have not registered your cell phone prior to the Auction, Gesture representatives will be on hand to assist you in registering your phone and will also be available throughout the evening for assistance, or to be your "personal shopper" and bid for you!


Smartphone Users: Click on the BLUE HYPERLINK in your welcome text message to visit your personal bidding page. You can search by category at the top and bottom of the screen. Select any item to view its description and place a bid. The Gesture system prepopulates the minimum bid required. If you would like to bid higher than the minimum bid, just enter a new amount and click BID.

To have the Gesture system automatically bid for you, select AUTO, enter the amount you wish to bid up to, then select BID. The system will bid incrementally up to the designated amount each time someone bids against you. If no one bids agains you, the minimum bid will remain.

Via Text: To see the current bid on an item, reply to any message from Gesture with the item's 3-digit item number. The Gesture system will notify you of the current bid, as well as the minimum bid required. Example: If you wish to place a bid on item "102", reply with the 3-digit number and the amount you would like to bid. Sample reply: 102 300. (Do not include a dollar sign.)


Simply click the donate button ($) on your smartphone and enter an amount, or reply to any message from Gesture with the word GIVE and the amount. Sample reply: GIVE 100. (Do not include a dollar sign.)