Volunteer at DCCH

How do you want to Change a Life?


    Do you have experience teaching children how to do Yoga, Dance, Gymnastics, Music or Art? Many of our kids are willing and eager to learn new skills. They just need you!

    As a child grows in their newly-learned ability, their self-esteem and confidence grows.


    Do you want to get involved with the kids but are unsure of the time commitment or nervous about getting started?

    The HALO (Helping All the Little Ones) group provides fun activities like holiday parties, cookouts, community outings, and other special events for the children in our residential treatment program. Meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 7 PM on the DCCH campus.

    It's a lot of fun, little time, and you can help a child build lasting friendships.


    Are you "Tech-Savvy"? Do your friends and family members often come to you with questions about computers and their mobile devices? If so and you would like to help children learn about tools such as Microsoft Office programs, Apple mobile applications, research resources, Prezi presentation software, or general typing skills, contact us TODAY!

    By creating opportunities for our kids to learn on their own pace, you are giving them more chances to be successful and creative!


    Mentoring a child supports our residents by continuing to develop appropriate relationships with adults, and keeping the youth connected to the community to which they will return. Mentors are matched one-on-one with a child from our program. Adults considering this opportunity must be able to volunteer at least one time per week for 2-4 hours throughout the child's 6-12 month stay at DCCH.

    Mentoring a child is one of the largest roles a volunteer at DCCH can fulfill. It is a big commitment, but it comes with the biggest reward: providing a child a supportive relationship they can look to for advice and encouragement during one of the toughest times of their life.


    We are always looking for dedicated individuals and groups to help with our Equine program. Opportunities include grooming, training, feeding, leading, side walking, and maintaining. For a detailed explanation of each responsibility, check out the Volunteers Needed for Equine Program article.


    The kids we serve LOVE to feel special! Activities that give them a break from their normal routines and letters in the mail from their Pen Pals are some of their favorite things.

    So whether it is a special dinner one night each month or a weekly craft for them and their peers, you are sure to bring a smile to their faces and love to their hearts!


    Did you know many of our children come from counties outside of the Northern Kentucky region? And sometimes, it is difficult for a child's family to afford to put gas in their car and visit their child. That's where you come in!

    Fuel cards and fast-food gift certificates are wonderful gifts you can provide for a child and their family. You give a child encouragement when they are able to see their relatives' faces for the first time since they arrived at DCCH. You give that child hope.


    Our volunteers are as awesome and unique as the kids in our care! And we know you might want to volunteer in a "behind-the-scenes" role. Well, we have the job for you! You can help support some of our team with duties such as filing, mailings, school attendance, and general record keeping.

    You can change the life of a child! By shouldering some of our staff's responsibilities, you allow them to spend more time with a child in their time of need.


    We have many other roles to be filled by individuals and groups of all sizes:

  • Furniture pickup for our Flea Market
  • General maintenance for buildings and grounds
  • General housekeeping for floors and gymnasium
  • Painting
  • And more!
  • We have the necessary equipment and tools to complete these jobs. All we need are willing volunteers. All we need IS YOU!

For more information, please contact us via:

  • Phone: 859/331-2040
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Online: Complete this simple form.
  • DCCH does not provide any court ordered community service.

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